Happy Teachers’ Day 2022


Theme: The Transformation Of Education Begins With Teachers

The 5th of October is World Teachers’ Day. It is also known as International Teachers’ Day. This year’s International Day of the Teacher is dedicated to the idea that teachers are the key to making meaningful changes in the classroom.

Teachers often rank among the most important figures in their students’ lives. And most of us can recall our very first educator in the school, the person who instructed us in the alphabet and the appropriate conduct on the playground.

Innumerable educators have assisted us on our path to adulthood and beyond as we have advanced from infancy to maturity. These educators have been with us every step of the way. Teachers give today’s youth the potential for a better future through the power of education. Teachers break down difficult material and introduce students to new, more abstract ideas. Students benefit from teachers because they are introduced to new concepts and ideas that they might not have encountered otherwise.

According to Alif Ailaan’s survey in 2016, approximately 1.4 million teachers are working in Pakistan. These teachers are employed in both the public and private sectors. Of these 1.4 million teachers, 0.65 million work exclusively in government-run schools. According to the survey findings, around 58% of public school teachers are unaware of what is included in the national curriculum, and 73% of those instructors did not receive any instruction on various evaluation methods during their pre-service education. According to the report, multi-grade teaching, high teacher-to-student ratios, excessive workloads, non-teaching duties, a lack of training opportunities, and a lack of basic facilities in schools have all harmed the performance of teachers, which in turn has led to the decline in educational standards in government schools. According to the data from 2018-2019, There were 540 thousand instructors in the primary sector, 457 thousand teachers in the middle schools, 571 thousand teachers in the high schools, 120 thousand teachers in the upper secondary schools, 40 thousand teachers in degree institutions, and 53 thousand teachers in the universities. Therefore, the total number of teaching personnel was 1803 thousand, whereas there were 53031 thousand pupils registered. To manage this load, more time is needed. To achieve our goal of high-quality education, we must ensure that our educators are healthy and happy. We must understand the capabilities and potential of every educator concerning other sources.

Reference: https://www.finance.gov.pk/survey/chapters_19/10-Education.pdf

Dr. Shazia Hashmat, the Assistant Professor at Fatima Jinnah Women’s University, once told me, “no matter how many failures and delays you face, just continue your efforts; one day you will be the winner. Your sincerity and hard work never end without any reward”. So on this World Teacher’s Day I specially thank you to all my teachers who give me support, guidance and smiling spirit. Thank you

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