Save yourselves from Financial Traps in Pakistan’s Real-Estate


If you’ve been managing an investment property for a long time, are you reaping all of the financial benefits that come with it?

Rental Property Insurance

There are numerous reasons why you should insure your rental property. The purchase of property from real-estate is a significant investment, and you’ll want to ensure that it’s safe and secure.

Rental property insurance should cover not only the structure and its contents, but also the value of your investment. Because of this, you’ll be able to keep making your mortgage payments even if the property becomes uninhabitable or the tenant fails to pay.

Hire Property Manager

Having a qualified real-estate property manager on your side can make a world of difference here. Your state’s rental regulations and your lease agreements necessitate a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it in the long run. Investing in a property manager to take care of the administrative work can be extremely beneficial.

Do your homework on the latest regulations and have a real-estate lawyer on hand in case things go awry when you decide to take matters into your own hands.

Get a good Tax Specialist

Any assistance you can get with your tax situation will be invaluable if you’re just starting out investing. It’s important that they know what to claim, when to claim it, and how to keep track of the necessary records. They can also assist with more complex tax issues, such as negative gearing. You could be missing out on a lot of money and savings if you don’t have a good accountant. So get a good accounting assistance from real-estate.

Keep a check on tenants

Another common blunder made by busy landlords is failing to keep track of tenants who have fallen behind on their rent. You can issue a notice if the tenant fails to pay on the due date. When the money arrives, you’ll need to keep an eye on your bank account. You must issue a breach notice if the debt remains unpaid after 14 days.

Did you finance too much or too little?

Things like renovations and marketing are what will make your property appealing to high-quality tenants, rather than the purchase price of your home.

Few investors can be accused of overspending, but when renovating, this can be a risk. It’s a good idea to think about whether or not potential renters in your area are looking for a fancy, high-end home with everything, or if they’d prefer something more modest but still affordable. It’s possible to get away with slashing your renovation costs by hiring the lowest-priced tradespeople so contact with real-estate, but this is a bad long-term strategy. Marketing and optional extras like professional photography and videography should also be taken into account. Unless you’re in the high-end market, standard imagery may suffice in some cases.

Think long-term and take care of your property and tenants to ensure a profitable return on your investment.

Fly-in-Fly-Out Worker

For the second time, this boils down to a matter of knowing your audience. You may be able to furnish a place if you live in an area that attracts international students, fly-in/fly-out workers, travelers, and so on. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that this is better for your tenant than the alternative. Consult with real-estate agents in your area to see if they can offer suggestions on what you might like.

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