Scorpio? More like Stay-Away-Bro


Ever wondered why some people share a similar behavior pattern? Well, you may or may not believe in zodiac signs but the truth is that each zodiac sign is unique and has specific characteristics that shape our personality traits, determining how we behave and act. This is why it is not uncommon for the two individuals with the same zodiac sign to share somewhat a similar behavior pattern.

Mind Blown? Not really, I know. I bet you knew that before but wait we are just getting started.

So, each zodiac sign is represented by a zodiac animal that further sheds a light on some of the character traits. You have Leo that is represented by a lion, Capricorn represented by a sea goat and others. Then you have Scorpio; represented by well of course a scorpion. Oh, and all scorpions are venomous by the way, coincidence? I think not.

Talking about Scorpios, I am not biased towards them. In fact, I am joined by the whole world in that thought. Can’t be biased if the whole world is with you right? *Inserts a meme*

Well, truth be told, I don’t think Scorpios are evil, I just think they are misunderstood. Yes, if the meaning of the word “misunderstood” in dictionary was magically replaced with evil and mischievous.

Correction; I don’t think Scorpios are just evil, I think they are both evil and mischievous, here are three reasons why;

Unavailable – “Oh, you exist?”

Whether you are friends with them or are dating them, Scorpios can become really distant really fast and a lot of it has to do with them “wanting space” which is usually “always”. This makes them all the more difficult to understand and emotionally unavailable. It is like, they do not have the time or the capacity to understand a fellow being and are always in the “oh my problems are bigger than yours” frame of mind. This ultimately drives them away from meaningful or important conversations because hey, their problems are bigger than yours and why would they listen to small insignificant problems or talk about them? Absolutely genius.

Mysterious – “Nothing”

Scorpios have a thing for “wanting space” so if you see your scorpion fellow or partner silent and looking out the window holding a vow of silence, best believe that they are in their natural habitat, exhibiting their innate attribute of “wanting space”. Scorpios just cannot open up or communicate healthily without getting defensive or extremely aggressive making them mysterious. They just lack understanding and depth and are malcontent. Instead of facing an issue or resolving them, they seem to approach it in a self-destructive way and always feel like they are being attacked or are misunderstood. And od forbid, you make a mistake or say or do something that “hurt” them, be prepared for the “revenge of the year”. Scorpios can be really creative with their ideas or even petty or both combined.

Evil – “Oh, I didn’t mean to (But oops I did)”

Scorpios are generally considered the evilest of all zodiac signs and for all the right reasons. They lure you with charm and once you are hooked and in a compromised state, will stop at nothing to demean you if they want to and for some odd reason they like to. Maybe it is what pleasures them, the sense of superiority. Twisted nonetheless.

If you know a Scorpio with traits otherwise, please confirm their birthdate to make sure if they are truly Scorpios and if they are, treasure them because that is rare. Very rare. For the rest of us, good luck maintaining your self esteem around your Scorpio partners/friends.

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