How Snackvideo is Taking Over


SnackVideo is a relatively newer development in the segment of short video applications. Much like TikTok, SnackVideo shares a similar theme. Sign up, make videos on a theme of your choosing like music, acting, comedy, or whatnot. The Chinese application enables the users to showcase their talent, nurture their skills and amass a following.

While SnackVideo and TikTok may share a similar theme of operation; create content or watch the content of your choosing. There is one difference between the two. The two mega short-video applications differ in how the creators are rewarded for their content. While TikTok does not officially pay the content creators for their art or pay them monthly depending upon their views and reach, TikTok is still a very excellent platform to generate revenue through talent, how exactly? Well, if you have a great outreach on your content, third parties sponsor you. While that is good on its own, TikTok lacks in rewarding its creators for their content officially. Here is where Snack Video has an edge, it does exactly that. Snack Video has a rather brilliant form of rewarding its creators. 

Snack Video keeps both options open, earning through the app itself as well as earning through third-party sponsorships. Hence pushing the creators to create better content and lucratively attracting new consumers. Snack Video has an in-built app currency called the Snack Coins which the creators accumulate through their posts and content. 50 snack coins equal to 0.01 rupees, so if you collect 50,000 snack coins, you make 100 rupees. Now you might be thinking that is too less but it all depends on the quality and the frequency of your post. 

Many top content creators on the app are earning thousands of dollars. To be eligible to earn, all you have to do is make a SnackVideo account and the money is there. You can earn through referral codes, daily coins, and much more. If one friend signs up using your referral code, you make 140 to 200 rupees. Moreover, there are sign-up rewards as well as competition rewards. Withdrawal is just as easy, if you have an EasyPaisa account or a Jazz Cash account, you are good to go.

SnackVideo offers users an excellent and lucrative option to showcase their talent, skills and earn a decent amount as well. 


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