Start losing weight with these 3 tips.

Controlling weight is a real struggle. To lose weight fast, create a diet plan, exercise regularly to burn fat and discipline yourself.


Lets be honest, almost everyone struggles with their weight unless of course you are one of the god’s favorites with magical metabolism that allows you to chomp down whatever without gaining a single gram. But if you are like the rest of us who ought to keep a check on their plate and diet with the thought of obesity always looming in the head. Losing weight is a real struggle.

A much-needed struggle to be honest because the number of diseases and health complications that obesity invites, it is not a matter to be taken lightly. This is probably why the fitness industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars because people are willing to burn crazy amount of money just to shed a pound or two. And sadly, it hardly ever works.

So, if you are stuck in that loop, unable to figure out why your weight isn’t dropping or you want to lose weight but you find the whole idea too dreadful to begin, don’t worry.

Put aside all the social media advertisements and listen to me; you do not need to go to extreme lengths for the sake of losing weight. Drinking celery juice all the time, boycotting meat and starving yourself is not the best way to go about it. It is a wrong approach and one of the reasons why you fear to start in the first place.

The following three are the only general tips you should keep in mind, follow it religiously and experience for yourself how simple it is to lose weight.

Diet; Create a Calorie Deficit

First and foremost, regulate your diet and create a calorie deficit. But before you vaguely create a deficit, make sure you know what your maintenance calories are. These are the number of calories you require daily to maintain your current weight.

Let’s suppose your maintenance calories are 2200 calories per day, create a deficit of 300 calories and gradually increase, you will be automatically losing weight whether you work out or not. Though it will take longer than usual, mix in exercise and you are good to go! Once your deficit is created, fill the calories with healthy and fiber-dense food so you don’t feel hungry and are satiated. Add clean food to your diet, this can be fruits, veggies, meat (cooked healthy) and much more. Consider this that you are handed over a certain amount of cash (maintenance calories) that you must utilize daily (consume food). If you overspend, you are in debt (gaining weight). The lesser you spend, the more you save for later (faster results). However, remember to create and maintain a rational deficit. Do not go overboard.

To find your maintenance calories, either search it up on google or visit a physician.

Exercise; Mobilize Yourself

While just the calorie deficit will get the job done to lose weight, it is a slow process. You can speed it up by adding some exercise to the mix. This will aid in your weight loss and will also make you stronger and healthier. It will improve your general fitness and define your body physique; a win-win situation.

Make sure to train both strength and cardio so your fitness is a well-rounded attribute.

Discipline; Mind Over Matter

Last but not the least and in fact the most important part is disciplining yourself. Yes, the cold drink tastes good, the fries are heavenly, donuts are sweet like heaven but none of them are worth sacrificing your health and goals for. So, mind over matter and keep yourself on the track.

Also make a few lifestyle changes like throwing away the habit of midnight snacking, overeating, sleeping on filled stomach and drinking water immediately after a meal.

Follow these 3 tips for one week at least and see for yourself the results, they will shock you!


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