Tech Industry Boom in Pakistan


Tech industry is a vast field and has anything to do with science and technology: could be the e-commerce, call center facilities, telemarketing, Artificial Intelligence, gaming industry. Basically, electronics: goods and services fall in the category of tech industry. It is a fact that Pakistani tech industry is certainly on a rise. The foundation was laid in President Musharraf’s era. The first year of the 21st century was the year when government vitalized technology and amended policies for the sake of it. The years before the twenty first century were not as smooth as the first six years of struggle.

Tech industry in Pakistan has suddenly reached the heights – higher than the expectations. It is divided into three phases the first era dates way back to 1980 and ends on 2000. The second era consists of the years between 2000-2007 and the third era is the present era which dates to 2007 till 2019. The phrase tech industry boom is now a reality and stats speak for itself as Pakistan’s IT sector made a revenue of 4.1 billion USD in fiscal year 2018-2019. Moreover, it has not only generated more revenue than ever but also it has somewhat contributed in resolving the employment crisis as well. There were some 4000 IT workers and professionals in the year 2004 and now it has increased to a number between 60000-75000 in the year 2018.

This industry has showed potential over the years, every 5th dollar in the services exports comes from the IT industry. The services like telemarketing, freelancing, e-commerce even call-center facilities or the transcription firms in Pakistan have shown an increase. Pakistan has a slight edge over its rival markets like Malaysia and India because of the cheap labor force as compared to the other industries, particularly in the call-center and transcription firms. Freelancing also is an emerging market, where employees, employers and the self-employed work for big firms in vast area of resources and services. Internet plays a huge role in all the ongoing situation. Also, the easier access to internet as a vitality rather than a commodity for the people.

Of course, there is more to vision than anything else. The vision of Prof. Dr. Saif ul Rahman the than Minister of Information and Technology in 2000. Its been a long day since 2000 and now IT is one of the largest contributors to the national economy. But there’s a dark side to the moon: the laws are strict, and thus the people use sneaky ways to make things work and thus some of the investors do not register their businesses.  However, the government should focus more on the IT sector as it has already shown progress in a very limited time. Pave the way for investors, ease down tariffs and should go a little easy on the laws are strict part. Globalization is not a blurred vision anymore it is a reality. This is the age of globalization – the age of tech, and more attention is required.

Author- Tahir “INQALAB” Syed

Contact No: 03115074977

CNIC: 37405-5226389-3

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