Top 5 Businesses to invest in Pakistan


*inserts lame joke* The national business of Pakistan is to interfere in everyone else’s business. Enough with the same ol’ lame ol’ jokes, let’s just come to the point about businesses to invest in Pakistan. A 9-5 job is something that everyone wants but not a lot of people are ready to embrace this lifestyle and routine: because there’s no time left to live your life. Pakistan is home to some 22-crore people and the employment rate has seen a rather downfall over the years. There’s overpopulation and certainly not enough jobs and opportunities to keep ‘em all going. And so, everyone wants to or at least thinks about moving abroad or starting a business. 

Most of the people can figure most of the things about a business startup: they’ve got the plan, they’ve got the idea, they know the destination, the path, they’ve got the potential and meet the requirements, but they lack the main thing: the f-word which has already broken many dreams, that’s right they lack the financial resources. Not to worry if you lack enough finances, you can go for low investment opportunities like content writing, social media management, blogging, freelancing or photography. Especially if you’re a student and you need some extra money to support yourself, this could be your chance. You should work on these 5 easy to learn skills and infact you can later continue with either of these. 

Let’s say if you are not a student and are ready for what it takes and have sorted out everything that is required for a business start up than here’s something for you. 

  1. Food Sector: This has got to be the top business in Pakistan especially if you live in a big city or not necessarily in a big city, you should consider investing in food sector, anything works: from a chai dhaba to a fast food chain. Just reconsider the area where you’re planning to initiate your business.
  2. Medicine Business: In this area of work there’s more demand than supply, just work out the right links and focus on the price as compared to your rivals. 
  3. Tourism: The current government seems interested in tourism, as Pakistan is host to not only mountain ranges but also ancient civilizations. Just come up with a better proposal and an even better implementation policy and government might support you.
  4. Event Management: This is the age of professionalism, and event management is one of the right choices for a business startup. People are way too busy to make room out of their busy routines, so they rely much on event management companies. 
  5. Cloth and Textile: Cloth: Clothing is an evergreen business to go with if you’re a Pakistani, because of the nation’s obsession with clothes. However, there’s already a big market so you need to apply different techniques in order to sell your product. 

However, government has started paying, okay… some attention to the matter and have started giving loans at low interest rates for the youth. You can check out the details if you’re ready for it.

Author- Tahir “INQALAB” Syed

Contact: 03115074977

CNIC: 37405-5226389-3

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