Top Freelance Platforms of 2019


With the evolution of time as well as the advent of the internet, people sorted out ways for themselves. Freelancing perhaps is one of those ways that worked out quite fine for the people and insures a positive use of time as well as a positive use of internet. Freelancing is one of the most interesting sources of income. It suits the people who are on a tight schedule, or can’t physically go to work, or in some cases the kind of people who can’t work a nine to five job: so, it gives them the benefit of working according to their own schedule. 

Freelancing can be used as a job, so, freelancing can be self-employment and people can use it as a business opportunity and market themselves with their skills and provide jobs for other people as well, so freelancing also is entrepreneurship. It is often many individuals working together privately or as registered freelancing platforms, on their official websites or privately where they post a job offer, (not usually contract-based) and the registered members contact the employers and get the job done. 

  1. Upwork: One of the highest paying freelance opportunities, where one can earn up to 200 per gig: but that depends entirely on the skill and the nature of work done by the freelancer. Also, through Upwork people can state their payment on hourly basis.
  2. Peopleperhour: A huge variety of services are provided through Peopleperwork. Also, based on the concept of hourly wages and skillset. PPH is one of the highest grossing freelance platforms in 2019. 
  3. Fiverr: As the name suggests, Fiverr is a freelancing service that pays 5 USDs per hour, there’s not a hard-and-fast rule for the freelancers to be paid $5 for every work done. However, it depends on the services provided. They charge about 20% per gig.
  4. It was initiated in 2009 as get a freelancer and is commonly termed as GAF. They work on bid system where the freelancers bid for their services. Quite old and a big platform for the people. It works in small scale services as well.
  5. Guru: The services for Guru are quite systemized in a way that there is a straightforward hiring process. A suitable environment for the organized people out there.

The whole concept of freelance platform is like a dream within a dream within a dream, as a freelance platform is technically freelancing, where they charge a definite portion of the payment to the registered users which is written in the terms and agreement. It is one of the biggest markets today and above mentioned are only the top five freelancing platforms. According to a survey, Pakistan is the 4th largest freelancing market of thee World. Which tells everything about the tech boom. The above mentioned are just a few and the top platforms, there are others like Linkedin,, or OLX, even Amazon too. There are other independent freelance platforms where one can register themselves and get paid according to the service they provide.

Author – Tahir “INQALAB” Syed

Contact: 03115074977

CNIC: 37405-5226389-3

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