Topic Paypal’s Fate in Pakistan


Will paypal ever work in pakistan?effects it has on freelancers and pakistan economy

paypal is an online transaction which is used to transfer money from one bank to another. It is quite easy to set up because of the following

  • Gets ready with costumed sending options in seconds
  • No merchant bank required
  • Handles issues for you
  • Cheap

These are quite a lot of reasons for you using PayPal for a medium of money transaction

When coming to pakistan as a whole it is a country that has a higher average percentage of people using online transition as a medium of receiving their income made by work like free lancing mediums of online transaction have quite a higher rate of settling into markets like pakistan

When coming to paypal specifically it is not quite settled as a online transaction method there are bigger markets to cater to online transaction and many more big banks that do not let the newcomers into the market that easily the new comer in this case is PayPal

PayPal has still come a long way from the starting points it is an online transaction known by the masses in fact most  famous money transfer related businesses or ngos use it for an example shaukat khanum ,Shahid afridi official both use these

When coming to freelancers in specifically free lancing as a whole it regards such online transaction methods for  it’s very own existence take a second and think how is it even possible for freelancing to work without online transaction it simply can not therefore this question simply simplifies that businesses like online transaction are required by freelance businesses to flourish in an area.the way through which freelancers can function is so when talking about PayPal specifically it is so that it has a place to settle in the market but has a lot of competition which it needs to overthrow mobipaisa is a big competitor in this case and for PayPal to be at its best it will have to overcome this competition which can only be done by reducing prices of raw materials and therefore having the ability to have less prices and same amount of profits which will attract the customers eye and will be a downfall for the competitors

If taken in consideration the fact that what effect it has on Pakistani society it can be split into two parts one discussing the positive effects and secondly the negative effects

First coming to the positive effect  the following are reasons

  • It allows new settlers to easily settle in
  • Gives money to blank accounts to making the settling for new entrepreneurs easy
  • Hire workers leading to less unemployment

After all these reasons and knowing the fact that there is no big downfall for the economy of Pakistan Pakistan as a body would love to be a host to businesses like PayPal that earn their income and help new entrepreneurs to settle to feel welcomed into Pakistan for the betterment of Pakistan.

Written by : Ayesha

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