Upcomings in Kashmir


Since the partition between India and Pakistan, Kashmir has been the cause of conflict between the two states. It’s been about 72 years and government from either side has only addressed the issue repeatedly but failed to work for any resolution. The foreign policy of Pakistan clearly presents Kashmir as its top priority. Almost every political party has promised to either work for resolution or have promised to invade Kashmir. But only this once, for the first time a right-wing pro-Hindu Bharati Janata Party fulfilled their promise of invading Kashmir. 

India acted as the oppressor and suppressed the freedom and liberty of the Kashmiri people since the revoke of the Article 370 and Article 35A from the Indian Constitution which in simpler terms refrained Indian citizens from buying any property in Kashmir, also the troops increased from 800000 to 900000, communication disrupted, moreover, there’s a curfew in some areas of Kashmir too: and so all the religious gatherings can’t take place anymore, including Jumma prayers, the Ashura proceedings in Muharram or the Milad celebrations too. All in all, not granting people their basic right to practice their religion.

Right now, the situation seems tensed as Pakistani government finally seems concerned about the whole scenario and have rather acted as a voice for the voiceless, representing them on the most prestigious international stages like UN. If one was to neutrally observe, Pakistani government seems on the right and it is pretty clear that India are acting as the oppressors: on various accounts they have defended their stance by stating ’that Kashmir is an internal matter´. Kashmir, of course, is not an internal matter rather an international concern. Because of the involvement of international and regional organizations.

The egoistic governments go to war to serve their own agendas: to maintain the status quo and to keep their hierarchy strong. They keep the other 99% busy by misinforming either off either. In this game of ‘who plays who?’ it is the people who suffer, unknown of the ulterior motives of the state: are ridiculed and manipulated, and thus suffer. It is a common saying that there’s always a slight ray of hope, if one believes. Looks like the opening of Kartarpur border for the Sikh pilgrims seems like one. PM Khan while addressing the Sikh pilgrims welcomed the Sikh community, also sent a message to PM Modi about a way forward i.e. a dialog for peace. 

The way forward to this whole scenario indeed, is a dialog for peace, and no more Kashmiris will have to go through this trauma. Not only that, but also the military expenditure will reduce by a large proportion for both nations and so there will be more time to address common issues like human rights, freedom: and on other sectors where governments can benefit, sectors like IT, trade etcetera, and also to work for the betterment of the people in the sectors of health, education, employment etcetera and that is the way forward – the only way forward for all.

Author: Tahir ‘INQALAB’ Syed

Contact: 03115074977

CNIC: 37405-5226389-3

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